Heart’s Magical Stairway to Heaven Cover


Heart’s Magical Stairway to Heaven Cover


Peter Cover

A Night to Remember

Imagine the most touching version of “Stairway to Heaven” you’ve ever heard. Now, picture it not from Led Zeppelin, but from Heart’s very own Ann and Nancy Wilson. Yes, you read that right! During the 70s, both Led Zeppelin and Heart rocked the music scene, leaving their mark.

Presidential Honor for Led Zeppelin

In 2012, President Barack Obama gave Led Zeppelin a big thumbs up for their impact on American culture, awarding them the prestigious Kennedy Center Honors. This award has seen the likes of Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald, showing just how big of a deal it is.

Led Zeppelin was THE rock band of their time, influencing countless others from Def Leppard to Lady Gaga. Meanwhile, Heart stood out as the leading rock band with women at the forefront, belting out hits like “These Dreams.”

A Tribute Like No Other

The Kennedy Center gala in 2012 was extra special. Ann and Nancy Wilson, together with John Bonham’s son Jason, performed “Stairway to Heaven” in honor of Led Zeppelin. Imagine playing one of the most iconic songs in front of the original band and a room full of stars!

Their performance was breathtaking, loaded with passion and emotion. Even Robert Plant couldn’t hold back his tears. The audience saw the bond between the band members rekindle, especially during a touching moment when the gospel choir donned black bowler hats, nodding to John Bonham.

The Power of Music

The performance ended with a standing ovation, and the audience couldn’t help but sing and dance along. It was a moment that showed just how deeply Led Zeppelin’s music has touched people’s lives.

Robert Plant shared his awe with L.A. Weekly, marveling at how the song still resonated with him, despite feeling disconnected from his younger self.

Ann and Nancy Wilson were nervous about the band’s reaction, knowing how protective Robert Plant was of “Stairway to Heaven.” Their fears were unfounded, as Plant praised them for not “murdering” the song like so many before them. Jimmy Page even complimented Nancy on her performance.

A Night of Legends

This was a performance for the ages, showing the timeless appeal of “Stairway to Heaven” and the universal love for Led Zeppelin. It was a night that anyone would have loved to witness firsthand, filled with emotion, nostalgia, and the power of music.

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