The heartbreaking reason why Harry & Meghan ‘fled’ the UK after royal exit


The heartbreaking reason why Harry & Meghan ‘fled’ the UK after royal exit


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Leaving Royal Life in 2020

In January 2020, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their decision to step back from their roles as senior members of the British Royal Family. They intended to become financially independent and support Queen Elizabeth II from afar. This move aimed to balance their time between the UK and North America, providing their son with a sense of royal tradition and the freedom to pursue new ventures.

Settling in California

After their announcement, Harry and Meghan relocated to Montecito, California. This move marked the beginning of their new life away from royal duties. The couple engaged in various business ventures, many still connected to their royal ties.

Tensions with the Royal Family

Harry and Meghan’s departure strained their relationship with the UK royal family. They were evicted from their UK home, yet Harry expressed a desire to find a permanent place in his home country. The reasons for their departure were not fully revealed until Harry’s memoir, “Spare,” where he shared the challenges they faced within the royal family.

Reasons for Leaving

Various royal experts and insiders have discussed the reasons behind Harry and Meghan’s decision to leave. According to Andrew Morton, the couple questioned their place in the royal family early in their marriage. Reports of Meghan’s behavior towards staff and tensions with other royals emerged soon after their wedding.

Struggles with the Media

Meghan opened up about the intense scrutiny she faced from the British press, which affected her health and relationship with the royal hierarchy. The couple suggested earning their own money to stop the media frenzy, but their request to move to another Commonwealth country was denied. Meghan felt their presence disrupted the royal hierarchy, leading to their decision to leave.

Fear for Safety

In “Spare,” Harry revealed that they left the UK due to fears for their sanity and physical safety. They had renovated Frogmore Cottage at a significant cost and agreed to repay UK taxpayers after stepping down. Despite being allowed to keep Frogmore as their UK base, they were eventually evicted following the release of Harry’s book.

Looking for a Permanent UK Home

Reports suggest that Harry misses his old life in the UK and is looking for a permanent home there. His friends from the army and college have not visited him in California, causing him to miss aspects of his previous life. Harry is determined to find his own place in the UK and continues his legal actions to secure taxpayer-funded security.

Regret and Reflection

Royal experts suggest that Harry regrets leaving royal life, especially given his military background and the absence from events like Trooping the Colour. Richard Fitzwilliams, a royal expert, believes Harry misses the structure and purpose provided by his royal duties, while Meghan remains indifferent to returning to royal life.

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