Drew Barrymore’s Super Relatable Home Tour


Drew Barrymore’s Super Relatable Home Tour


Peter Cover

Living Like Us: Inside Drew Barrymore’s “Normal” House

When you think of celebrities and their homes, you probably imagine giant mansions with all sorts of fancy stuff. That’s why everyone got so excited when Drew Barrymore, the famous actress with a whopping $125 million in the bank, showed us that her house is just like ours!

A Cozy Living Room Surprise

Drew posted a video one day, just chilling and watching “The Wedding Singer,” a movie she did with Adam Sandler back in 1998. She was supposed to do yoga, but hey, the movie was on! When she flipped the camera, instead of some massive TV, there was just a regular-sized one sitting on a stand. Just a coffee table, some magazines, and a mug hanging out in front.

People went nuts over how ordinary Drew’s living room looked. “Why does she have a tiny TV?” and “Can’t believe a millionaire has such a small TV!” were just some of the comments.

More Than Just a Living Room

After the buzz about her TV, Drew gave us more peeks into her place. Her kitchen, dining area, and bathroom are all pretty standard. No gold faucets or diamond chandeliers. She even showed herself making eggs, wearing a Minnie Mouse shirt, which is totally something any of us might do.

Her closet? It’s big, but it’s no Kardashian closet. It’s got a laundry basket and even some clothes on the floor.

Eating Breakfast Just Like Us

Drew eating breakfast at a table with a floral cloth and a simple white cupboard full of dishes in the background? That’s the kind of stuff you’d expect in anyone’s house, not just a celebrity’s.

She’s got another TV too, and it’s a bit bigger than the first one she showed, but still nothing crazy.

A Bathroom Like Yours and Mine

And her bathroom? It’s got a regular shower with black and white tiles, and a plastic caddy full of bathroom stuff. Just like you might have at home.

The Internet Loves Drew’s Down-to-Earth Vibes

People are really loving how Drew’s place looks. It’s cozy, it’s normal, and it makes her seem even more relatable. Fans are saying things like, “It feels like she’s living in her first apartment, and it’s adorable,” and “Her house looks like a real home, not just for show.”

One person even mentioned, “Your humble life and sweet personality are so comforting!”

Could This Be Just a Side House?

While most people are charmed, there’s always someone who’s a bit skeptical, wondering if this might just be one of her less fancy homes. But honestly, who cares? It’s cool to see someone so famous living in a way that feels so familiar to the rest of us.


I love staying in.

♬ original sound – Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore is definitely showing us that living a normal life is totally possible, even when you’re super famous. And we’re all here for it!

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