Danish Royals: A Ski Trip Wrapped in Rumors and Royal Fashion


Danish Royals: A Ski Trip Wrapped in Rumors and Royal Fashion


Peter Cover

Trouble in Paradise for King Frederik and Queen Mary?

King Frederik and Queen Mary of Denmark, once celebrated for their fairytale romance, are facing fresh waves of marital strife rumors following a frosty family ski trip to Verbier, Switzerland. The royal pair, who ascended the Danish throne in January, displayed noticeable tension, potentially fueled by last year’s rumors linking King Frederik with Mexican socialite Genoveva Casanova.

During their outing in March, Queen Mary, 52, appeared visibly irritated with King Frederik, 55, turning her back on him as they prepared to ski. Photographs captured her elegantly dressed for the slopes in a Moncler jacquard turtleneck sweater, looking away from her husband who stood with hands defiantly on his hips.

Family Dynamics on Display

The royals were not alone on their chilly getaway; they were accompanied by their four children: Crown Prince Christian, 18, Princess Isabella, 16, and 13-year-old twins, Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine. Despite the underlying parental tension, the royal children seemed to enjoy the trip, sharing laughs and skiing with friends and family.

Queen Mary continued to exude style, pairing her Moncler sweater with Mammut ski pants and Gucci sunglasses, setting a high bar for winter fashion. Princess Isabella wasn’t far behind, sporting a trendy Carhartt denim jacket and Moonboot snow boots, clearly inheriting her mother’s fashion sense.

Christian, dubbed Europe’s most eligible bachelor, opted for a more laid-back look with a pink baseball cap and checked shirt, highlighting his casual royal demeanor.

The Easter Break That Wasn’t

Traditionally, the Danish royal family travels abroad for Easter, but this year’s plans were different. Royal watchers noted the family flag still flying at Amalienborg Castle during Easter, indicating that some family members remained in Denmark. This break from tradition led to speculation that Queen Mary may have chosen to stay behind as the rest of the family traveled, especially given the recent marital tensions.

Upon returning to Denmark, Queen Mary engaged in solo royal duties, further fueling rumors of a rift. Meanwhile, King Frederik was seen enjoying the slopes with the twins, suggesting a divide in family activities.

The Night That Sparked Rumors

The backdrop to the current royal drama includes an evening in Madrid last autumn when King Frederik was spotted with Genoveva Casanova. The pair’s dinner at a flamenco restaurant extended into the early hours, stirring international gossip about an affair, which Genoveva vehemently denied through a legal notice on Instagram.

Despite her denials, the rumors had a lasting impact, coinciding closely with Queen Margrethe’s unexpected decision to abdicate on December 31, leading to speculation about the timing of her decision. Royal commentator Phil Dampier suggested to The Telegraph that the abdication might have been a strategic move to stabilize the royal couple’s marriage, viewing Queen Mary as an invaluable asset to the Danish monarchy.

As the royal family navigates these turbulent waters, the eyes of the world remain fixed on them, watching for signs of reconciliation or further discord within what was once a storybook royal union.

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