Christine Quinn Scores Victory with Restraining Order Against Ex


Christine Quinn Scores Victory with Restraining Order Against Ex


Peter Cover

A Scary Situation Calms Down

Christine Quinn can breathe a sigh of relief! She won’t have to deal with her estranged husband, Christian Dumontet, and his scary behavior anymore. Thanks to a judge, Christian has to keep his distance from Christine and their shared home in Los Angeles.

Safe Distance Required

The court’s decision means Christian has to stay at least 100 yards away from the “Selling Sunset” star, their 2-year-old son, and their adorable Yorkshire Terriers, Bubby and Teddy. For now, Christine, their son, and the pups get the house all to themselves.

Limited Contact for Co-Parenting

There’s a tiny exception, though. Christian can talk to Christine, but only about visits with their son, as the court says.

No Threats Allowed

Christian also has a strict rule to follow: no stalking, threatening, or hurting Christine and the family. This comes after a scary two-day episode that had Christine rushing to get a restraining order.

A Breaking Point

Christine said enough was enough after Christian’s wild behavior, which included throwing heavy and dirty things around and even causing a mess on their floor. It was clear their marriage was in trouble, especially with their money problems boiling over.

A Dangerous Incident

Things got really bad when Christian threw a bag full of glass at Christine. He missed her but hit their son, which left the little one in tears. After Christine called the police, Christian was arrested for being dangerous.

What’s Next?

Even though the court said no to some of Christine’s requests about their son and money matters, they’re going to talk it all out in court on April 17. The restraining order might be extended then, or it might end. For now, Christine has won a bit of peace.

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