Local Cafe Closes Doors After Neighbors’ Complaints About Bacon Smell


Local Cafe Closes Doors After Neighbors’ Complaints About Bacon Smell


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In a shocking event, Emma Ayles, the owner of The Caddy Shack Cafe, had to close her business. This decision left eight workers jobless just before Christmas. The closure happened after three neighbors complained about the cafe’s smell and noise.

Complaints and Immediate Action

The complaints focused on the smell of bacon and the sound of clinking teacups. Planning officials took swift action. They decided that the cafe was causing “unacceptable harm” to the nearby residents’ living conditions.

Emma Ayles and Her Cafe

Emma Ayles, a 47-year-old mother of two, opened The Caddy Shack Cafe in April 2022. She converted a metal shipping container into a cozy cafe with help from the Weymouth and Portland Rugby Club in Dorset. The club allowed her to temporarily operate on their land while she sought permanent planning permission.

A Popular Spot in the Community

The cafe quickly became a beloved spot. It attracted walkers, schoolchildren, and people on mobility scooters. It was a gathering place, fostering a sense of community.

Noise and Odor Complaints

However, in October 2022, three homeowners living near the cafe complained about the noise and odor. This led Dorset Council to deny Emma’s application for retrospective planning permission in February. Her appeal was also dismissed, leaving her with no options.

Emma’s Frustration and Heartbreak

Emma expressed her heartbreak over the closure. She had to let go of eight staff members who were either parents or students. She found the objections about the smell of bacon and the sound of teacups absurd. She humorously suggested using chocolate teacups to avoid noise.

Impact on the Community

Emma was concerned for her regular customers, including students from Wyvern School and disabled individuals. She lamented the loss of a gathering place for the community.

Rugby Club’s Disappointment

The Weymouth and Portland Rugby Club, who supported Emma’s appeal, expressed their disappointment. Anthony Goss, the chairman, emphasized the challenges small businesses face and thanked loyal customers for their support.

Outrage on Social Media

The closure sparked outrage on social media. Many expressed disbelief at the complaints and the decision to shut down the cafe. Comments poured in, with some sarcastically remarking on the complaints and others lamenting the loss of the cafe.

Questions About Balance

This incident has raised questions about balancing support for local businesses with residents’ concerns. It remains unclear if any further action will be taken or if the decision to close The Caddy Shack Cafe will be reconsidered.

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