Brave Decision: Our Journey of Choosing Adoption for Our Baby


Brave Decision: Our Journey of Choosing Adoption for Our Baby


Peter Cover


Choosing adoption for a baby can be a tough decision. One family shares their experience of making this brave choice.

The Decision to Choose Adoption

When Sally found out she was pregnant, she and her partner, Mike, faced a difficult decision. They were both young and didn’t feel ready to raise a child. Sally said, “We knew we wanted to give our baby the best start in life.”

Feeling Overwhelmed

Sally admitted feeling overwhelmed by the thought of becoming parents. “We were scared. We didn’t have stable jobs or a home of our own,” she said.

Considering All Options

The couple carefully considered all their options, including keeping the baby or terminating the pregnancy. Ultimately, they felt adoption was the best choice for their child.

Finding the Right Family

“We wanted to find a family who could provide everything we couldn’t,” Sally explained. After searching for the right fit, they found a couple eager to adopt and provide a loving home for their baby.

Mixed Emotions

Handing over their baby to the adoptive parents was an emotional moment for Sally and Mike. “It was heart-wrenching but also a relief. We knew we were doing the right thing,” Sally said.

The Future

Despite the sadness of parting with their baby, Sally and Mike feel optimistic about the future. “We hope our baby grows up knowing they were loved and that we made the best choice for them,” Mike said.

A Difficult Choice

Choosing adoption is a difficult decision, but for Sally and Mike, it was the right one. They hope their story will inspire others facing similar choices.

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