A farmer discovered black eggs, and what hatched left him truly terrified!


A farmer discovered black eggs, and what hatched left him truly terrified!


Daniel Stone


A Vibrant Farm Life

John is an American farmer who owns a large plot of land. His farm is home to a vibrant vegetable garden, a blooming orchard, and a comfortable house. Alongside his house, John keeps hens in a coop. Some of the eggs are for his own use, while others he sells. This arrangement has boosted the productivity and self-sufficiency of his farm.

The Curious Case of Black Eggs

John often finds eggs scattered around his property, especially near the greenhouse where his hens roam freely. This was a normal behavior for his free-range hens, so he never worried. But one morning, something strange caught his eye.

Next to the chicken coop, John found a group of perfectly black eggs. He had never seen anything like this before. At first, he was surprised by their striking black color, but curiosity soon took over. Intrigued by these unusual eggs, John decided to incubate them in a warm, dark corner of his barn, just like any ordinary chicken egg.

Hatching a Surprise

After several days of patient waiting, the eggs started to hatch. What emerged was even more amazing. The chicks that came out were entirely black, including their beaks and feathers. John was astonished. He had never expected to see such a sight and was excited to learn more about these unique birds.

Ayam Cemani Chickens

John discovered that these chicks were Ayam Cemani, a rare breed known for their all-black appearance. This unique feature goes beyond their feathers and beaks, extending to their internal organs and bones. John found out that his wealthy neighbor, who specialized in rare breeds, owned these unusual chickens. It seemed one of his neighbor’s hens had wandered onto John’s land and laid eggs.

A New Chapter on the Farm

The discovery of the Ayam Cemani chickens was a thrilling experience for John. It added a sense of mystery and variety to his farming life. This event also deepened his relationship with his neighbor, leading to conversations about potential future collaborations. Though surprises were common on John’s farm, the emergence of these black chicks was a wonderful exception, reminding him of the endless wonders of nature.

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