Big changes ahead for Cracker Barrel – CEO acknowledges ‘We’re falling behind’


Big changes ahead for Cracker Barrel – CEO acknowledges ‘We’re falling behind’


Daniel Stone


The next time you visit Cracker Barrel, you might notice some differences. The 55-year-old chain is getting a makeover, from the menu to the overall experience.

New CEO’s Vision

Cracker Barrel’s new CEO, Julie Felss Masino, wants to make the restaurant more relevant. “We’re just not as relevant as we once were,” she said. To refresh the brand, the company is testing nearly two dozen new menu items.

Exciting New Menu Items

In 10 locations, Cracker Barrel has been testing green chili cornbread, banana pudding, and more. Customer feedback will help decide which items will be added to the chain’s 660 locations. New dishes like hashbrown casserole shepherd’s pie, premium savory chicken and rice, and slow-braised pot roast are expected later this year.

Changes in Pricing

Cracker Barrel also plans to adjust its pricing. Depending on where you live, this could be good or bad. Masino explained, “We have stores in metro areas with an average annual household income of $55,000 in the same pricing tier as one with $90,000.”

Optimizing price points doesn’t mean just increasing prices. In some places, prices may actually go down. The company understands that value is crucial, especially for lower-income customers.


Enhanced Customer Experience

Not only will the food change, but the overall experience at Cracker Barrel will too. The chain plans to remodel with a different color palette, updated lighting, more comfortable seating, and simpler decor.

New Locations

Cracker Barrel also plans to open several new locations in fall 2025. These new locations will have a smaller footprint. Masino mentioned that historically, Cracker Barrel has made limited changes to its design. Now, the brand is ready to evolve.

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