Backyard Digging Leads Man to Unbelievable Find


Backyard Digging Leads Man to Unbelievable Find


Daniel Stone


ohn Sims moved to Tucson, Arizona, seeking a peaceful life. Little did he know that his new home would lead to one of the most exciting adventures of his life. The mystery began with a rumor from the previous owner of his house.

The Enigmatic Backyard

John was excited to buy a house in midtown Tucson from a friend. The friend mentioned a local rumor about something buried on the property. The town’s elders believed something intriguing was hidden there. John’s curiosity was piqued.

Driven by Curiosity

After moving in, John couldn’t stop thinking about the rumor. He began to dig in his backyard, searching for whatever was hidden. Despite several attempts, he found nothing under the grass. He decided to dig deeper.

X Marks the Spot

John researched his home’s history and found records showing an odd structure called Whitaker Pools built in 1961. He hired experts with metal detectors to help pinpoint the location. The detectors indicated two spots, which John marked with a large X.

A Metallic Find

John eagerly started digging where the detectors signaled. He hit something metallic three feet down. Carefully, he unearthed what looked like a hatch. He opened it cautiously, allowing fresh air to circulate before exploring further.

Uncovering the Hatch

The next morning, John found a spiral staircase leading down. He knew it wasn’t safe to descend alone. He contacted the Rural/Metro Fire Department for help and assembled a team of friends to assist with the exploration.

Creating a Plan

The team strengthened the concrete around the steps and built a framework for safety. They also installed lighting and a ventilation pipe. The heat was intense, but they worked hard, taking breaks to cool off and speculate about what lay below.

Entering the Structure

The spiral staircase was too rusty to trust. John carefully lowered a ladder and descended into the hatch. He was excited to see what was inside. At the bottom, he found the structure mostly intact despite its age.

Discovering a Bomb Shelter

John realized he had found a Cold War-era bomb shelter. Built during a time of nuclear threat, the shelter was meant to protect a family from nuclear fallout. Many such shelters existed in Tucson during the Cold War.

Tucson’s Nuclear History

Tucson has a history with nuclear weapons. During the Cold War, it housed ballistic missiles. By the 1980s, most shelters were abandoned or destroyed. John’s find was a rare and significant piece of history.

Gaining Popularity

John shared his discovery on Reddit, quickly gaining attention. Local media, TV shows, and even international publications like the Daily Mail covered the story. Tucson residents began wondering if they had shelters in their backyards too.

Connecting with Others

John connected with locals who had found similar shelters. They shared cleaning tips and ideas for using the space. While many converted theirs into man caves or wine cellars, John envisioned creating a Cold War museum.

John’s Reflections

John hoped to find a “time capsule” full of Cold War artifacts but found the shelter empty. He learned a lot about the Cold War and believed that the Cuban Missile Crisis led many Tucson residents to build these shelters.

Advice for Tucson Residents

John advised Tucson residents to check city or county records to see if their properties had bomb shelters. He cautioned against exploring without proper precautions due to potential hazards like toxic air or structural instability.

Seeking Financial Help

John planned to renovate the shelter but needed funds. He started a GoFundMe page to raise money for the project, prioritizing safe access by replacing the stairs. With the funds, he aimed to preserve this historical structure.

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