Another “Squad” Member Is Leaving Her Position!


Another “Squad” Member Is Leaving Her Position!


Daniel Stone


Americans discontent with the far-left “Squad” in Congress saw a surprising turn of events. On Tuesday, June 25, Congressman Jamaal Bowman lost to a more moderate challenger. This defeat brought joy to many. Additionally, Congresswoman Cori Bush of Missouri is trailing behind her primary challenger.

Cori Bush’s Struggle in Missouri

USA Today reported that Rep. Bush might be in trouble. A recent poll shows her down by one point in the Democratic primary for Missouri’s 1st Congressional District. This is significant as incumbents rarely lose primaries unless disliked by their constituents.

Poll Results

The poll by The Mellman Group, conducted from June 18 to June 22, revealed surprising results. St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Wesley Bell, Bush’s primary challenger, overcame a significant deficit to lead Bush 43% to 42%.

Job Performance Ratings

The poll also indicated that voters prefer Bell’s job performance over Bush’s. Over sixty percent rated Bell positively, while less than half gave Bush a favorable rating.

Reactions from Both Sides

Bowman’s loss and Bush’s struggles are being celebrated by Republicans and moderate Democrats. One Democratic lawmaker, speaking to Politico, expressed satisfaction over Bowman’s defeat. They emphasized that Bowman’s approach of starting conflicts instead of governing had consequences.

Ben Shapiro’s Take on Bowman’s Loss

Ben Shapiro of The Daily Wire gloated over Bowman’s loss on X, calling him a “clownish moron” who supports Hamas and makes foolish mistakes. Shapiro noted that Bowman’s radicalism led to his downfall, as his constituents grew to despise him.

AOC’s Involvement

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) attempted to support Bowman by awkwardly running on stage and jumping around to drum up enthusiasm. Despite her efforts, Bowman lost. Before his defeat, AOC bailed on another event with him. Brianna Wu reported on X that AOC skipped an in-person event and was uncertain about attending the watch party for election returns.

This political shift indicates growing dissatisfaction with certain far-left representatives and suggests a possible move towards more moderate candidates in future elections.

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