Amanda Holden’s Bold Stand for Daughter’s Bikini Photos


Amanda Holden’s Bold Stand for Daughter’s Bikini Photos


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In an exclusive talk, Amanda Holden, 53, shares her support for her daughter Lexi, 18, who’s been posting bikini photos online. This comes just days after Amanda herself made headlines for baring it all on live radio.

Amanda, known for her role as a judge on Britain’s Got Talent, tells MailOnline that she believes in promoting ‘body positivity’ in her family. Hence, she stands by Lexi’s decision to share bikini snaps on social media.

Before Lexi posted her photos, she talked to Amanda and her husband Chris. Together, they agreed that it was Lexi’s choice to show off her body online.

Lexi seems to be following in her mother’s footsteps. Amanda, who’s often flaunted her own bikini pics online, recently surprised listeners by stripping naked during a live radio broadcast.

Supporting Lexi’s Choices

Amanda shares her perspective, saying, “Lexi did talk to me and her dad about this. She’s 18 now, confident, and we’ve always supported body positivity at home. If she’s ready for it, then we’re behind her.”

While Amanda acknowledges the potential risks of sharing such photos, she believes Lexi is mature enough to make her own decisions.

Amanda jokes about the incident on the radio, clarifying that she wasn’t completely nude. She explains, “I wouldn’t go fully nude in the studio, but it was fun. I was wearing underwear. I always like to make a splash when I return to Heart Radio, but I didn’t expect this!”

Amanda’s Fitness Journey

Amanda’s toned figure is no accident. She keeps fit with home workouts using her Peloton bike and treadmill. However, she admits staying in shape isn’t easy.

Despite the hard work, Amanda’s dedication to fitness means she’s more confident than ever to show off her body.

New Collection, New Adventures

Amanda is thrilled about her latest collection with Lipsy, which includes bikinis and summer dresses. She’s particularly excited about a fuchsia dress and a floral minidress that her daughters have also fallen in love with.

Reflecting on the photoshoot for the collection in Cape Town, Amanda reminisces about the glamorous experience against the backdrop of the ocean.

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