Alleged Love Child of King Charles and Camilla Reveals ‘Fresh Evidence’ Supporting His Claim


Alleged Love Child of King Charles and Camilla Reveals ‘Fresh Evidence’ Supporting His Claim


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A man insists he is the secret son of King Charles and has presented new evidence to support his claim.

Background of King Charles

King Charles, now 75, is the son of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip. He became King of the United Kingdom in 2022 after his mother’s death. Charles is the oldest person to ascend the British throne. Before becoming king, he married Princess Diana in 1981 and had two sons, Prince William and Prince Harry. He has been married to Camilla Parker Bowles since 2005, but they have no children together.


Simon Charles Dorante-Day’s Claims

Simon Charles Dorante-Day, a 57-year-old living in Australia, claims to be the illegitimate son of King Charles and Camilla. He has created a Facebook page with over 27,000 followers to share his story. Many followers believe him, commenting on his resemblance to the royal family.

Allegations and Support

Dorante-Day says his adopted grandmother, who worked for Queen Elizabeth II, told him he was the royal couple’s son. He was adopted at eight months old in Portsmouth in 1966, when Charles and Camilla were teenagers. He claims that during this period, Charles was sent to Australia, and Camilla vanished from the public eye for nine months.

Dorante-Day also alleges that he had a procedure to change his eye color and alter his teeth as part of a cover-up. Despite these claims, official records indicate Charles and Camilla met five years after Dorante-Day’s birth. The royal family has not responded to his allegations.

Encounter with Alleged Half-Sister

In an interview with 7News, Dorante-Day recounted an encounter with a woman claiming to be the secret daughter of Prince Philip. She and a man, who said he was a private investigator, visited Dorante-Day in Queensland. The woman requested a DNA sample to compare with hers to prove their royal connection. Dorante-Day suspected it was a scam and refused.

Pursuit of a Paternity Test

Dorante-Day is determined to get a paternity test from King Charles and Queen Camilla. He plans to contact Prince Harry for help, believing Harry might support his cause. He continues to post photos on Facebook, comparing his appearance with that of the royal family. His latest post, on May 1, noted the increased availability of photos of Charles and Camilla for comparison, strengthening his belief in his resemblance to them.

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