Alison Hammond Steps Up and Shines in “For the Love of Dogs”


Alison Hammond Steps Up and Shines in “For the Love of Dogs”


Peter Cover

A Fresh Face in a Beloved Show

The charming and vivacious Alison Hammond is making waves as the new host of the beloved series, “For the Love of Dogs.” Following the sad passing of the much-loved Paul O’Grady last year, Alison has stepped into some big shoes. The transition hasn’t been without its challenges, though. Since taking on the role, Alison has faced some unwarranted criticism.

A Surprising Backlash

Speaking candidly about the unexpected negative reactions she received, Alison expressed her bewilderment. “I was actually taken aback by the intensity of the backlash. It’s like being criticized for loving kids without having any of your own—a completely baseless argument,” she shared with The Sun. Alison’s response to the critics is both straightforward and dismissive: “If it’s not your cup of tea, no one’s forcing you to watch it.”

Rising Above the Noise

Despite the noise, this delightful presenter is not letting the trolls get her down. “Trolls will always find something to complain about, but I’m here to do what I do best: bring genuine warmth and joy to television,” Alison confidently stated. She adds a note on online negativity: “I could never imagine myself stooping to troll someone online.”

What’s New in “For the Love of Dogs”
Heartwarming Tales Await

As Alison takes the helm, viewers can expect a series packed with heartwarming stories from the Battersea Dogs & Cats Home in London. The show, which premieres this Tuesday evening, will dive into the lives of abandoned and stray dogs, showcasing their journeys and the dedicated efforts of the staff and volunteers.

An Exciting Series Premiere

ITV teases an exciting lineup for the show’s return: “Expect a lot of dog treats and wagging tails as Alison befriends these adorable animals and aids in preparing them for their forever homes.” The series promises to be both touching and uplifting, a perfect blend for animal lovers and fans of heartfelt stories.

Tune In for Tail-Wagging Adventures

“Don’t miss out on the joy and excitement as ‘For the Love of Dogs’ returns tonight at 8 PM on ITV and ITVX,” invites the network. For fans of the late Paul O’Grady, his memorable episodes are also available for streaming, celebrating his legacy and love for animals.

As Alison Hammond takes on this new adventure, her enthusiasm and genuine affection for animals shine through, promising to win over hearts and perhaps even change a few minds. Join her as she brings her unique flair and compassion to “For the Love of Dogs,” continuing to spread love and positivity one episode at a time.

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