A Never-Ending Lockdown: The Milne Family’s Ongoing Battle


A Never-Ending Lockdown: The Milne Family’s Ongoing Battle


Peter Cover

Living Like It’s 2020

Imagine it’s still March 2020, the world is in the grip of the first COVID-19 lockdown, and everyone is adjusting to a life of handwashing, social distancing, and face masks. Now, picture living that way every single day for over four years. This is the reality for Mandy and Mason Milne, a mother and son duo from Essex, who have never left the stringent routines of the first lockdown behind.

Why the Milnes Can’t Let Go

For Mandy, 59, her husband Gordon, also 59, and their son Mason, 22, the pandemic never ended. Mason’s battle with Crohn’s disease, a condition he’s been fighting since 2017, makes him extremely vulnerable to COVID-19. This means the family still washes their groceries, avoids crowded places, and Mason wears a mask wherever he goes — precautions many of us have long since abandoned.

Mandy shared, “Life has been incredibly tough for us. We’re still disinfecting our deliveries, steering clear of supermarkets, and testing for COVID regularly. I always have a mask ready, but I hardly ever need to wear it because I keep my distance from everyone.”

The pandemic may be over for most, but for Mandy and Mason, it’s harder now than ever before. “It’s worse now than when the restrictions were still in place,” Mandy expressed.

Mason’s Isolated World

Mason’s condition, coupled with his autism, has deeply impacted his social life. He noted, “I hardly get invited out anymore because my friends know I can’t join them.”

Mandy, who has become Mason’s full-time carer, occasionally works as a cleaner to support the family financially. She’s cautious, only working when she’s sure to be alone. The family’s concern extends to other relatives as well, worried about the risks of even brief visits.

“Covid is still a big scare for us,” Mandy stated. The government’s initial warnings have left a lasting impression on her, driving her to protect Mason at all costs.

Mason’s Lost Years

The restrictions Crohn’s disease imposed on Mason were tough, but COVID-19 has put his life on hold. “I wish Mason could enjoy his twenties like others. Crohn’s was a limit, but COVID-19 has completely stopped him,” Mandy lamented.

Mason’s outdoor activities are now limited to solitary walks, always cautious to avoid others and armed with antibacterial wipes. He’s found a way to connect with the world through a podcast for people with Crohn’s and autism, and he’s a passionate Doctor Who fan.

Despite the challenges, the Milnes strive to maintain some normalcy, like supporting Mason’s favorite football team, though even this is fraught with precautions.

A Family’s Plea for Understanding

The Milnes’ story is a stark reminder that for some, the pandemic’s shadow still looms large. Mandy hopes sharing their story will raise awareness about the ongoing struggles of families like theirs.

“We’re trying to live as best we can, but it’s a constant balancing act,” Mandy concluded, emphasizing the family’s determination to keep Mason safe at all costs.

The Milnes’ unyielding resilience is a testament to the ongoing challenges faced by those still living in the pandemic’s grip, hoping for a future where they too can move on.

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