A Magical Night at the Oscars: Lady Gaga and Liza Minnelli’s Heartwarming Moment


A Magical Night at the Oscars: Lady Gaga and Liza Minnelli’s Heartwarming Moment


Peter Cover


The 2022 Academy Awards were a lot of fun and attention, but Lady Gaga and Liza Minnelli shared an emotional and real moment that deserves its own standing ovation. There is more to this story than just glitz and glamour. It’s about a beautiful bond between two idols from different generations.

The pair that caught our hearts was Lady Gaga and Liza.

On the big stage of the Oscars, Lady Gaga, the multitalented queen of music, and the legendary Liza Minnelli gave the night’s biggest award. No one was interested in how famous they were, though; what caught everyone’s attention was how much they cared about and respected each other.

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Celebrating 50 years since her Oscar win for “Cabaret,” Gaga told Minnelli how much she admired her while she was receiving a loud applause. “Did you happen to notice that?” “The public, they love you,” Gaga whispered as she grabbed Minnelli’s hand, which said a lot about their relationship.

Saying with a sweet smile, “I Got You”

Because Minnelli was having trouble with her expression, the moment became even cuter. The performance went on without a break because Gaga took over right away and did it without any problems. After that, though, what really moved us to tears was what happened next. Gaga said, “I got you,” in a tone that was kind and supportive as she walked up to the person. When Minnelli said, “I know, thank you,” she showed deep appreciation and admiration for the other person.

Responses from Fans: A Mutual Link

Some people on the internet thought this conversation was very similar to Gaga’s famous friendship with Tony Bennett. This showed Gaga’s kindness, but it also showed her honesty and her ability to connect with famous people like Minnelli in a real way.

To sum up, it was an unforgettable evening.

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People watch the Oscars because of the moving tributes and movie-like depictions. In addition to giving an award, Lady Gaga and Liza Minnelli showed the world how strong friendship, support, and admiration in the arts can be. On a night full of stars, this pair stood out the most and told everyone, “I got you.”


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