A Dream Kitchen Come True: The Turquoise Transformation


A Dream Kitchen Come True: The Turquoise Transformation


Peter Cover

From Plain to Perfect: Tanya’s Kitchen Makeover

Everyone has that one dream thing – it could be a house, a car, or even a holiday that seems more like a fantasy than a future reality. We often think our dreams are out of reach because of money, time, or lack of motivation. But let me tell you about Tanya from Dans le Lakehouse, who turned her dream kitchen from imagination to reality without breaking the bank.

Tanya’s kitchen was okay but pretty basic. It was filled with small oak cabinets that made the space feel cluttered and dark. But with a sprinkle of creativity and a dash of vintage flair, she transformed it into a light, stylish kitchen that’s a nod to the 1950s and ’60s.

The Power of Turquoise

Tanya’s magic ingredient? A set of charming turquoise Pyrex dishes from the 1950s. Inspired by these retro gems, she gave her kitchen a complete facelift, proving that a touch of color and some clever design can work wonders.

Before: A Cluttered Space

Originally, Tanya’s kitchen was functional but dull. The tiny oak cabinets were cramping the style of what could be a spacious kitchen.

After: A Turquoise Dream

You wouldn’t recognize the place now! Tanya took down the upper cabinets and introduced open shelving. The remaining cabinets got a fresh coat of turquoise paint, echoing her beloved Pyrex collection, which now proudly sits on display.

A Breath of Fresh Air

The walls got a facelift with new drywall and paneling, all coated in fresh paint. The countertops were replaced with handmade wooden ones, adding warmth, and the fixtures and sink were updated, brightening the space. The flooring stayed, but with the new color palette, the kitchen now feels more open and inviting.

Details That Delight

Tanya’s attention to detail brings the space alive. From displaying her Pyrex and coordinating items to adding small landscape paintings and a turquoise blender, each element adds character. An open pantry next to the fridge showcases dry goods, turning even pasta into a piece of decor.

The countertops, crafted by Tanya’s husband, are made of solid maple, stained white to blend seamlessly with the kitchen while still showcasing the wood’s natural beauty.

A Dream Within Budget

This transformation wasn’t just about style; it was also smart budgeting. The entire makeover cost roughly $1,492 CAD (about $1,135 USD), achieved through thrifty shopping and DIY efforts.

Tanya’s kitchen is a testament to the idea that you don’t need a fortune to create a space you love. It’s a blend of retro charm and modern simplicity, proving that with a bit of creativity, you can bring your dream space to life.

Check out more of Tanya’s incredible transformations on her blog, Dans le Lakehouse, and get inspired for your next project. Who knows? Your dream makeover could be just around the corner!

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